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Speak Your Basket By Theresa

I am temporarily closed, thank you for your patience

Personalized Gifts Made With Care

| Perfect Gifts for Any Celebrations 

At Speak Your Basket By Theresa, I make gift shopping easier for you! I provide a wide selection of personalized gift baskets that you can choose from. Each basket comes with a complimentary gift tag, just add the name you would like on it, or if you prefer no gift tag let us know. Feel free to contact me for enquiries about the items I offer in Canada only. Please note I will need at least 2 days to prepare basket, depending on need of gifts, to best suit your needs.  If you require a later date please request on the enquiry form provided, or email me at [email protected], so I can receive all your information. 

More gift baskets will be added soon!

***We do not add any alcohol to baskets, feel free to ask me to add a spot in basket to put in a bottle yourself , if having it delivered to you first.  

I have changed to a new location, in Aurora Ontario

Thoughtful Baskets!

Spread the Love!    Do you have a basket in mind?  Send to someone within Canada you have not seen in awhile.  Ordering gifts online and sending straight to the person, I can help put together in a basket for you, just show me the purchase online you want to make. Customizing your order is acceptable! working with a price range that best suites your needs, and add your email address on form for me to contact you., or just email me!

Check out my Gift Baskets and see what ideas you would like for your occasion

New Baskets!!

In Pantry Section... For Christmas, Birthdays, and any occasion, choose your occasion for the basket theme :)

I have changed to temporary location in Aurora

- I have carefully selected a Gluten Free Pantry basket! also a Vegan foods Pantry!  

"Any day is a good day to show you care, no matter the day or date of celebration. So don't feel rushed to get your order by a certain date, it will get there, let only your thoughts be known"  Theresa :)   

What's New in Baskets

I have put together some baskets to accommodate the 

Gluten free diet

Vegan diet

These are in the Pantry Section that I carefully put together

Also to go along with your diet or cuisine you can send me an email and I can customize for you 

Either one can be prepared for Christmas or another celebration you want your basket for

About My Baskets​

Some baskets that are on display on my website are customized, that myself and my clients had created with a lot of thought and fun.  An idea of what you can put in your basket.  I also have put baskets that are already made up, that can be made within 1 or 2 days, depending on supply on demand, not including delivery.  Customized baskets could take 2-3 days, not including delivery, again with proper selection of items to find.

Pampered Basket

Sorry I am temporarily closed at the moment


For local delivery within Aurora, I can use fresh items like, flowers (depends on season) fresh fruit, and some perishable items (Cheese and meats) 

Out of town delivery, no perishables and I use a courier or Canada Post for longer distance

Its a Girl!

Sweet baby onesie, Rubber Ducky, Cuddly Doll, Baby Wipes, and Baby Oil etc... and more when you customize it!  I can work with your price range.  Email me at:  [email protected]

**For all baskets, please give me up to 3  days to prepare

Baby Girl Basket
Special Thoughts or Customize it
To: & From:

Birthday basket for teen-baking book, snacks, candies and chocolates, some baking accessories

For the Young and New Baker of all ages !

Great gift for for that creative young baker or new baker!   Measuring cup, cookie cutters, bowls, chocolate chips, mixing spoons, spatula, etc.... or customize to your thoughts of an occasion, or even cooking not just baking

Choose your options
Special Thoughts
To: & From:

Dog or New Puppy!  Gift Basket

Squeaky toys, waste bags and holder, cuddly pull toy, chew toy, soft blanket, body soap brush, etc...

Choose your options
What Occasion could I gift this too
To: & From:

Back to school items

Choose your options
Special Thoughts
To: & From:

Considering Food also....I have a "Pantry Food Basket" 



Back to School!  College/University

Great gift for someone going back to School, College, or University!  Surprise them with this gift. Selected for them to start new studies.  Binder, notebooks, dividers, pocket calendar, pencil case with pens & pencils, water bottle, stapler, scissors, snack, etc...

*Want it customized? for Male/Female, age preference, or someone you know can do with some extra help for school.  Fill out in our customized section/enquiry form to correspond by email.  Tell me what your request is and budget you would like to work with :)

Check This Out !​

Complimentary Gift Tag ​added to Basket.  So don't forget to add name to option under To and From

Pantry Basket can be boxed if requiring extra items to be added. Prices are on the Product Page under Pantry. Also you may submit a customized order :)

Do you have a gift you want to purchase but would like it presented in a basket ?  Let me know I will find it and we can add to the  baskets I have already or customize your own

I have added some expression be​ars to make your gift basket stand out, pick your expression and I will add a bear to your basket.   For all ages !

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